People everywhere admit sleeping less than 6 hours per night is a worldwide problem.  WHY CAN’T WE SLEEP?

The National Sleep Industry says our bodies need to sleep at least 8 hours. This year approximately 32.4 billion dollars will be spent on over the counter sleep aids, self medication and prescription drugs.

Being Tired is a Worldwide Problem

Why does more than 1/3 of just the US population complain of always being tired?  These facts troubled me as I realized I am a statistic along with half the worlds population. I have a sleep disorder called Insomnia, that means difficultly falling asleep and staying asleep.

You only have three options to getting a good night sleep.

1. You can fall asleep naturally, lucky you.
2. You can take a sleeping aid to help you sleep
3. You can get creative by changing your environment you sleep in.

Why can’t I Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

After many years of trying to find ways to overcome my insomnia, I wrote this book called the Secret to Falling Asleep & Staying Asleep, that is available here. I want to share some creative ways and solutions on how to defeat your own sleep disorder.

If you are the typical type A personality, always on the move, before one project is finished the next one is already started, you probably have some sleep problems.

You feel like a bundle of energy.  Sleeping takes too much time out of your busy schedule. Having to go to bed makes you mad, but your body needs to go to sleep.

Do you feel there’s not enough hours in the day…

I began denying myself sleep, using stimulants like too much coffee, energy drinks, in addition to over the counter remedies to keep me awake.

If you average only 4 to 6 hours of sleep a night and continue to pump these stimulants into your body, it will not take long before your body and mind become dysfunctional and disoriented.

Your body needs that deep delta wave sleep that restores and repairs your cells.   I was tired and feed up! I needed to find the answer once and for all!

I decide to change my bad habits and take charge of my sleep disorder.

I read about what Eastern and Western cultures thought about sleep and learned that my body soul and spirit were out of harmony.

Eastern and Western thought differ on Sleep issues. Eastern thought believes energy unused during the day stays trapped in my body and may affect your ability to get a good night sleep.    


Western thought calls it STRESS and the remedy is anti-anxiety drugs prescribed by my MD. STRESS is one of the most common complaints for the lack of sleep in the United States.  I can get a pill from my doctor and I will be able to fall sleep tonight. I did not take that path.

 The remedy is simple and healthy 

It is true the 21st century millennium generation and the baby boomers have grown overweight and lethargic. Exercise is a way of life in Eastern Philosophy.  After working a full day I do not feel like going out to the gym so I brought the gym equipment to me. Here is your simple solution, WORK OUT at HOME